USA / Canada


Language training in the USA & Canada

Cactus has been providing language training to private and corporate clients in North America since 2008. During this time we have established a network of specialist language trainers who provide high quality training for diverse clients and industries across the continent. Whether your demand is for financial language training in New York, language training with a focus on mining and minerals in Toronto, or training in fields such as fashion, law or technology, our extensive experience and knowledge will ensure we find a trainer ideally suited to your needs.

For a detailed quote and free consultation please contact us or call us on 00 44 (0) 1273 830 960.


Organisations trained by Cactus in the USA & Canada

  •  JPMorgan, New York
  •  State Street, Boston
  •  LinkedIn, Toronto
  •  Pronovias, New York
  •  AIReS
  •  Rio Novo, Toronto
  •  Lululemon Athletica, San Francisco
  •  United Nations
  •  Bottega Veneta



How language training works in the USA & Canada

Our tutors come to your place of work, which makes course delivery both convenient and time-saving for you and your colleagues. We also deliver our courses at our client’s home, if this is the preferred location. Our Language Training Courses at your company’s premises  or at your home, are tailored to meet the requirements of your organisation.

Our Language Training Courses cater for one-to-one classes, two-to-one classes, small group classes and larger groups of up to twenty people per group. The classes may take the following formats:

Weekly: these sessions take place once a week and last between 1.5 and 2 hours per week

Intensive: these sessions last the whole day (6 hours of tuition) and are designed to accelerate learning, producing excellent results in a short period of time

Combined: these sessions combine face-to-face with Skype training, ensuring progress continues even when you are on a business trip or overseas

Skype: these sessions allow fast progress to be made without committing to a specific time or day on a regular basis

Whichever language training course option you chose your tutor will be highly-qualified, experience and results-driven. You will experience tangible progression in a short period of time which can quickly be transferred into beneficial, real-life, on-the-job skills, improving not only the way you work but contributing to the success of your organisation.