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Cactus Language Training works with more than 3000 language trainers and cross-cultural trainers all over the world. At Cactus Language Training we understand that your language learning experience should be enjoyable as well as educational. Our experienced, results-driven trainers will ensure that you are engaged throughout the learning process, they will encourage you to communicate in the target language from the very first lesson, and they will motivate you to use your new language skills in the work place in no time at all. Find out more on how we recruit our trainers.


rinko-sakuma-bwLanguage taught: Japanese

Companies trained: Forward 3D, Juki Central Europe, Sterling Relocation, EDFT

Most enjoys being a teacher because: “I am excited to see the progress of my students and share their enthusiasm when they learn something new or understand a concept. I enjoy communicating with students from many different backgrounds, with varying abilities and personalities, through learning Japanese.”

Top language tips: Don’t worry about making a mistake. Practise speaking as much as you can and just enjoy learning.


SONY DSCLanguage taught: Spanish

Companies trained: Coca-Cola, Hotcourses, Fidelity Management & Research Company, Standard Chartered, Telefonica, TripAdvisor, Varde

Most enjoys being a teacher because: “I always have in my mind that the process of teaching and learning a language is like the construction of a building. At the beginning it is slow and challenging, but at the same time it is important to create a good foundation. Later it becomes more and more enjoyable.”

Top language tip: There is no single ‘correct’ way of learning as every student is different and they will always find which strategies work better for them. However, I always encourage students to be consistent and committed, as if you can dedicate a few minutes a day, every day, you will be far more successful than if you spend one or two hours studying, but only sporadically.


Anne-Raabe-bwLanguages taught: German and English

Companies trained: Paxton Access

Most enjoys being a teacher because: “I enjoy working with both individuals and groups – either having the dynamic of a group or the advantage of tuning in to what an individual wants and needs. As a teacher I can draw on my strengths such as differentiating between what is important and what is not; giving as much input as necessary, and leaving as much space for students as possible.”

Top language tips: Find a time slot every day, if only for 10 minutes, and allow yourself to make mistakes when speaking.

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