Skype Language training

For those wishing to learn a language the most flexible and economic way possible, Skype language training is the ideal option. Doing away with the need for a classroom, Skype, or video conference, requires no more than a computer, web cam and good internet connection – making it a popular and effective means of delivering language tuition to corporate and private clients who require results fast. Skype language training allows clients to study when they want, where they want, and the classes can also be taken in combination with face-to-face training, online training and group training. So whether you are frequently away for business and would like catch-up lessons from the comfort of your hotel room, or if you work late and would like to fit in your classes before breakfast or the gym, Skype lessons can easily slot into your life ensuring that your language learning journey continues with no inconvenience to your daily routine and responsibilities.


What are the benefits of a private Skype course?

  • Unrivalled flexibility: lessons in any language can be delivered to any location worldwide, any day of the week and time of day, with no price variation
  • Impressive reach: your trainer can be based anywhere, meaning that Cactus can choose from its vast network of trainers to match the best person to you; this facilitates the provision of specialised business or academic language by native language experts the world over
  • Personalised course content: your course will reflect the time you have, your level, your learning style and budget, so that you progress quickly and focus only on the things you need
  • Your trainer is right in front of you, on the screen, which both focuses your attention and gives the feeling of being in the same room
  • No additional costs such as trainer travel expenses
  • The minimum lesson duration is 60 minutes as opposed to 90 minutes for face-to-face training
  • Skype’s messaging facility allows your teacher to write corrections or suggestions during the lesson, which you can save as personalised notes for subsequent self-study
  • Skype can easily be taken as an online course on its own, or blended with other forms of language training to give you a course of integrity, texture and depth.

Reasons for taking a private Skype course:

  • Difficulty finding a teacher in your area for your chosen language
  • An erratic schedule meaning you are never in the same place at the same time; with Skype this doesn’t matter as you can learn on the go, as and when you wish
  • Limited time in which to learn a language; you will progress quicker taking a course alone
  • An easy way to continue language learning after an initial face-to-face course
  • Any number or work or personal reasons, including relocation overseas and communication with foreign colleagues or family.

Training Formats:

Skype is a training format that works perfectly on its own or as a complement to other training formats such as face-to-face learning or public group courses in the UK.

Skype training is suitable for 1:1 or 2:1 language training, in the case where both participants are of the same level and share the desired outcomes.

If you do not have a Skype account, you can download Skype here.