Our Methodology

Cactus Language Training works with over 3000 language training professionals across the globe, having established these relationships over 15 years we can rely on our tutors to deliver quality courses that go beyond expectations. Our trainers bring expertise, experience, specific industry knowledge and excellence to your course, all of which are carefully assessed to match your particular needs.

All Cactus trainers are qualified, experienced native speakers, or completely bilingual, having studied or lived abroad. We will choose an appropriate trainer for you based upon your needs and level. We work closely with all our trainers and, as experienced trainers ourselves, we provide academic support and guidance to make sure your classes remain effective and targeted.

Training Methodology

Lessons are bespoke and tailor-made to the needs of the client. The framework for these lessons follow an integrated skills approach with the CEFR ‘can do’ statements reflected in the lesson aims. Our trainers use language immersion and the communicative approach to ensure that exposure to the language is maximised and a true-to-life environment is created. The emphasis is on inductive learning and the discovery of language through clear contexts and concept checking.

Cactus language training methodology follows an ‘Active Learning’ and ‘Communicative Learning’ approach. Students are to be engaged in the target language, and the relevance of that language outside the classroom is clear. All lesson aims and outcomes are related to authentic and practical use of the language in real-life contexts.

Cactus Trainers

✅ Immerse the learners in the target language

✅ Ensure all tasks and activities fully contribute to achieving stated goals and objectives

✅ Emphasise discovery of the language through inductive learning

✅ Ensure the lessons remain learner-focussed at all stages

✅ Integrate skills, grammar, vocabulary, and prounication

✅ Review and recycle new language to ensure it remains active and memorable

✅ Focus on areas of pronunciation including phonemes, intonation, stress patterns

✅ Provide challenging and engaging tasks to maintain motivation levels

✅ Provide on-going assessment of progress and results

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What Our Clients Say

“Excellent teaching. Katrin really has the ideal personality for teaching and explains everything so well that it really sticks.” Sandra, Prinovis, German

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