Succeeding in International Markets Italy

“Succeeding in International Markets Italy” will provide you with the background information and tools to develop your business and expand your growth in 7th largest economy in the world. This intensive weekend course will equip you with in-depth knowledge and practical solutions for conducting your international trade in Italy, and successfully communicating with the Italian people.

Ensure the success of your international business activities by learning more about Italian business culture, consumer behaviour, and the language.

The Benefits

A Cactus “Succeeding in International Markets Italy” course will provide you with:

  • Invaluable insights into both B2B and B2C cultural behaviours and norms that will inform your negotiation techniques and marketing strategies
  • A comprehensive understanding of Italian management and communication styles, values and attitudes, that will help you win business
  • Essential phrases and expressions in Italian that will establish positive relationships with your Italian colleagues, partners, clients and suppliers
  • Correct body language, gestures, etiquette and behaviours that will leave a favourable impression on your partners and clients
  • Practical strategies for overcoming the challenges particular to conducting business in Italian, leading to effective and successful outcomes
  • An understanding of the importance of deeper cultural drivers such as the importance of networking and personal connections
  • Opportunities to network with like-minded professionals from organisations such as Trip Advisor, News UK, American Express

The Attendees

A Cactus “Succeeding in International Markets Italy” will be beneficial if you are:

  • Already doing or considering doing business in Italy
  • Visiting Italy and meeting Italian clients
  • Experiencing the challenges of breaking into the Italian market
  • Establishing a network of Italian partners and suppliers
  • Recruiting Italian nationals to work within your organisation

Succeeding in International Markets Italy – Course details:

  • Content: Succeeding in International Markets Italy
  • Location: St Giles International, Holborn, London
  • Duration: Saturday + Sunday, 10am to 5pm, including networking lunch with the trainer and fellow attendees
  • Dates available: 7th – 8th May / 11th – 12th June / 17th – 18th Sept
  • Price: £295pp inclusive of 12 hours tuition, networking lunch (exc.VAT)