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HR Language Solutions

Do you need to verify the language skills of prospective new employees?

Cactus provides HR language assessment solutions for companies requiring written or verbal assessment of potential candidates whose job role requires foreign language competence.

As native speakers, our teachers are perfectly qualified to assess a candidate’s language ability and subsequent suitability for a given role. Assessment can be conducted over the phone or face-to-face in your offices.

HR Language Assessment Case Study: Eurostar, London


Why did you bring in Cactus to help with your recruitment process?

Eurostar: We have previously worked with Cactus and knew that you have a big pool of teachers, so you would be able to deal with the workload.

Can you briefly describe how the language assessment worked?

Eurostar: The language assessments took place over the phone (live calls) or by using pre-recorded material of our employees. As a special app was needed for this, we brought the teachers in to do it with a teacher as a guide. For the written assessments, the teachers corrected these at home and sent them back to us.

Would you recommend other companies consider using Cactus for HR language assessment?

Eurostar: Yes, because you have a large pool of qualified teachers, and as we do not always have a lot of warning it is reassuring to know that a company such as yours can deal with the flux. A good relationship has been built up and the teachers are adaptable and professional.

Mlle Sharon Walsh, Lead Language Teacher at Eurostar International Ltd, Paris.

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