Language Course Types

Whether you need General, Business, Executive, Technical or Exam training will depend on your specific needs, goals, and context. We recommend that all of our clients take advantage of our free consultation service which will identify your corporate language training requirements and give you guidance on how best to improve in the shortest amount of time. Each of our language training courses are fully flexible and are designed to build your confidence with communicating in the new language.

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General Language

General Language Courses

General language training gives you all-round knowledge of a language and culture without delving into the detail that we’d cover on a specialised cross-cultural training course. All General Language courses over the four main skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. They also cover the key areas of vocabulary, grammar, and elocution and pronunciation. The main focus is to develop communicative fluency, accuracy and confidence through a systematic approach to grammar, vocabulary and skills work. Typical thematic content includes daily routine, travel, weather, food, health and local culture, with participants free to suggest their own topics of interest. A General Language Course is recommended for companies wishing to provide language training as a staff incentive.


When relocating it is often necessary for the whole family to learn a new language. With more than 15 years of experience delivering language courses internationally our general language courses offer ultimate flexibility for the whole family. You, your partner, and your children, can start learning a language with Cactus before leaving for the new country, and continue learning with Cactus once you have arrived and settle in the new destination. It’s that easy. 

Employee Benefits

Many of our clients offer group courses in a range of languages, delivered in-company at their offices, anywhere in the world – but most often, at key locations in Europe, Asia, the USA and Latin America. We are totally flexible and can even train delegates during lunchtime or straight after work, as an employee benefit. This not only increases staff retention and staff satisfaction it also increases your employees’ skill set and prepares them for future engagement with international markets.

Business Travel

Despite significant improvements to business travel and convenience in recent years, many suffer because they simply do not understand language and cultural barriers, even if the bulk of their negotiations and communication take place using English. Simple greetings, being able to order food, make small talk or give a compliment in the local language can go a long way towards securing success for your business. Being able to understand colleagues in the workplace will greatly increase confidence in public speaking and business trips.

Business Language

Business Language Courses

The key focus of all our business language courses is to develop fluency, accuracy and confidence within a business context and to reflect your specific working environment. You can expect to improve your competence in the target language using meaningful real-world contexts relevant to your profession. Although exact course content and training format will be determined after a process of consultation, typical topics may include internal and external communications, negotiations, meetings, business etiquette and liaison with clients and suppliers. All of this will be carefully underpinned by relevant functional, thematic and cultural content, preparing you for successful business relations at any level.


Employees are often required to relocate to another country due to their specific skill-set, experience, or level of expertise. While employees may have an initial grasp on aspects of the foreign language, this barely extends to any degree of fluency. When operating in a business context in the new country our business language courses are essential preparation, even if only a conversational level of the language is required.

International Markets

For those employees who are required to succeed in international markets, whether they are communicating with clients, customers, partners or suppliers, confidence and competence in real-life business situations is key. Our business language courses identify then work on the most salient areas that need to be mastered in order to drive results. we can even offer advanced business language training courses for delegates requiring a greater degree of fluency to perform their roles.

Internal Communications

It is important that international teams are able to share ideas, knowledge, and skills. For some team members, whether they are managing up, down or to the side, being able to do this in another language is necessary for their role, and for the organisation’s success. Fluent communication between multi-lingual teams and offices can be achieved with our business language courses.


Executive Language

Executive Language Courses

Our Executive Language Courses are aimed at middle and senior management professionals, directors and CEOs who require foreign language competence for high level business situations. From business negotiation strategies to implementing directives and conducting small talk at official engagements, these courses equip executives with the skills and confidence to succeed in any business situation. They also contain a valuable cross-cultural element to help clients understand the etiquette of business development, negotiating terms and finalising agreements in their target market. Clients require a minimum A2 (elementary) level in their target language.

Our Executive Language Courses give professional a high level of linguistic and cultural training, enabling them to succeed in global markets. The courses are excellent preparation for meetings, negotiations, talks, presentations, networking and conferences. The training is customised to meet individual requirements and goals.

Technical Language

Technical Language Courses

If you have very specific language needs relating to your work or personal interests, we recommend a Technical Language Course. The key focus here is to develop your technical vocabulary and industry-specific lexis for a particular sector or area. Designed to not only improve your general language awareness, a Technical Language Course will address the specific linguistic demands of various work environments specific to you. As a doctor, for example, it is critical that the medical language you use is accurate at all times.

Through consultation with our Academic Team we will tailor a course plan to your exact specification using trainers with related technical knowledge. A Technical Language Course is necessary for those who work in a field or area that requires highly targeting training with specialist trainers such as medicine, finance, energy, and pharmaceuticals.

Aviation English Courses

Engineering English Courses

Engineering German Courses

Fashion English Courses

Financial English Courses

IT English Courses

Legal English Courses

Logistics English Courses

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Medical English Courses

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Exam Training

Exam Training Courses

An exam training course is useful where a candidate has set targets and needs to provide proof of language ability for work or personal reasons. The course prepares a client for the exam of their choice in the language they are studying, by focusing on the exam techniques needed to achieve the highest possible grades. Courses are intense and effective in helping clients to master a language in a short period of time. Cactus provides exam preparation and technique practice for: English (IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE, ISE, GESE); Spanish (DELE, CELA); French (DELF, DALF); German (TestDaF, Goethe); other European languages (TELC).

Exam training courses are necessary and valuable preparation for internationally recognised language qualifications. The certifications provide proof of linguistic competence to professional, immigration and governmental bodies and they are excellent for your CV and to improve future career prospects.