Client Journey

At Cactus Language Training we ensure that your client journey is a smooth and easy process and that the right langauge training options are provided for your consideration. Our step-by-step guide shows you the stages involved, from the initial conception of your course right through to the training itself and your post-course options. Our processes facilitate a seamless experience for the company contact and the course participants. With multiple stakeholders often involved in the process, one training course needs to achieve a range of goals. We are highly experienced in ensuring that all needs are assessed, all training goals are met, and all the learning outcomes are achieved.


The Consultation

Your detailed consultation with a linguistic specialist will identify your individual and specific needs and goals. These components will drive the course content, therefore it is important we understand why you want to learn, how you want to learn, what you hope to achieve, how much language you already have and how much time you’d like to commit.


The Proposal

You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager to ensure consistency, clarity and excellence of delivery. Your Account Manager will create a language training proposal reflecting our understanding of your needs. The proposal will include training format, course content, course duration and price, giving a clearly identified learning pathway and learning objectives. You will be asked to complete a formal Needs Analysis and Level Test if appropriate. The proposal is a framework which you are able to refine to meet your schedule and specific learning circumstances. Once agreed, the proposal passes to our Operations Team.


The Confirmation

Our Operations Team will contact you to discuss training location, times and durations. An expert native-speaker/bilingual trainer who matches your needs as closely as possible will then be selected and fully briefed prior to the first lesson. Cactus has its own custom-built online reporting system and the Operations Team will ensure this is in place, ready to detail lesson content, attendance, reviews, feedback responses and comments.


The First Lesson

In the first lesson, your trainer will get a clear idea of your linguistic strengths and weaknesses, your learning style and priorities. Together, you will be able to draw up a provisional and flexible course plan which will focus on what you want to be able to do with the language and what you will need to cover in order to get there. After the first lesson, we will send you an email to hear your initial thoughts and to check everything is to your satisfaction.


During the Course

Your trainer will continuously assess your strengths, weaknesses and learning style, and adapt the teaching method and materials accordingly in order to maximise your language acquisition. A variety of materials will be used to encourage development of different language skills, such as course books, CDs and DVDs, print media, the internet and personal tailored worksheets.

You will have the support of our dedicated Academic and Operations teams throughout your course and we will collect regular feedback from you, responding where necessary. Your Account Manager will be your exclusive first point of contact and will ensure the success of your course.


End of Course

We will carry out a final review to reflect on your course experience and assess whether you have achieved the learning outcomes identified in your initial course preparation. This will create a clear sense of progress, outlining your strengths and weaknesses and offering suggestions as to how you can maintain and extend your learning. It’s also a chance to look back and celebrate all that you have achieved!


What Next?

At this point many of our clients have reached a point where they can apply their learning to their world outside the classroom. Others will want to continue learning in a more focused way, such as via Skype, more face-to-face training, or a full-immersion study week in the country where the language is spoken. Other less formal ways to consolidate your learning may be to join a conversation club or read foreign press on the web. Whatever you choose, Cactus can provide advice and support all the way, so do talk to us.


Client Feedback

“My instructor, Einy Am-Sparks, has exceeded my expectations. She is extremely knowledgeable, very accommodating and has the patience of a saint! Her delightful personality coupled with her excellent teaching skills makes for a winning combination. I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn Norwegian.”

Linda Napolillo, Beginner Norwegian, New York