Accent and Dialect Coaching

Cactus Language Training coaches both actors and non-actors in a variety of accents and dialects. Our accent and dialect coaching will perfect an accent or dialect in a short period of time for projects in TV, film, theatre and radio. We focus on the position of the tongue, lips, and jaw for shaping the sounds, the rhythm and melody of the accent, the specific vowel sounds and consonant sounds, to achieve an accurate and authentic accent.

“When an accent doesn’t go right it’s usually not the actor’s fault. It’s usually a combination of actor, coach, production and often is about not having enough time to prepare before shooting starts. If there’s one thing to remember, it’s that accent is a crucial layer of story-telling. “ Dialect coach Erik Singer

The authenticity of an accent is essential to convey the age, culture, experience of any character being portrayed in film, TV, theatre and radio. With the extensive media coverage and attention paid to accents in the entertainment industry we will ensure the accent produced is true and correct. With strict time constraints and limitations around production we understand that goals must often be achieved in a very short period of time. We are also able to fulfill urgent and time-sensitive requests with full non-disclosure where required.

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Why Choose Cactus Language Training?

✅ Extensive experience across a wide range of languages, dialects and accents

✅ Flexibility is at the heart of our coaching, ensuring successful learning around your deadlines

✅ Guaranteed improvements from day one, ensuring your time is used effectively

✅ Discuss your accent and dialect goals and requirements with a linguistic specialist

✅ Choose the time, day, frequency and location of your training

✅ Work with only highly qualified, experienced, results driven coaches

✅ Proven track record in accent and dialect coaching

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Group Evening Courses in the UK

Cactus also offers group evening language courses across the UK which are open to the public. With 19 languages and 15 locations available (8 in London), if providing an in-company group course is not possible, you can offer your employees the option of attending one of our public group evening language courses. For all Corporate clients that are interested in suggesting these courses to their employees we offer an exclusive 15% discount on all bookings. Please contact us using the side bar to receive your discount code and marketing material.

Immersion Courses

An excellent way to improve your language skills in a short period of time is to take a language immersion course in the country that the language is spoken. Cactus offers full-time language immersion courses for many different languages, in locations across the world.