Does the UK have the Language Skills to Succeed?

Does the UK have the Language Skills to Succeed?

Seven years after the British government joined the rest of Europe by stipulating that all high school students must take a language to EBacc/GCSE level, now is a good time to look at how we, as British, measure up to our European counterparts when it comes to language skills, and if we have the language skills to succeed in the export market.

Does the UK have the Language Skills to Succeed?

Britain vs Europe

The reality is the following: over 56% of Europeans speak a second language, and 25% can speak three languages. The European work force is flexible and willing to learn when it comes to providing the language skills needed. Conversely, in the United Kingdom, less than 20% of adults say they know a foreign language at a good or proficient level. Moreover, the British are frequently accused of being arrogant when it comes to language learning, preferring to stick to the old adage that ‘everyone speaks English’.

Language Skills for Business

According to most recent research “Britain’s future economic prosperity and global standing is under threat because of an ‘alarming shortage’ in the number of people who can speak a foreign language”. With languages coming second only to IT in a list of desirable skills for job candidates, nearly half of employment recruiters say that speaking a second language to a good or proficient level gives a candidate the x-factor when applying for a job.

In addition, a growing number of business schools seem to be taking the view that a degree of fluency in at least one other major language is essential for the next generation of corporate leaders: “In a global business environment, they’re also skills that can make the difference between a good performance and a truly great one.”

International Markets

The government has not only made studying a language until 16 a requirement, but actively encourages SMEs to embrace international markets. Language skill development highly recommended in order to grow SMEs businesses through overseas trade. This embracing of developing language skills within companies has improved international trade, evident from recent UK Export figures. 2021 saw a 9.4% increase on all UK exports when compared to 2020. However, due to the recent pandemic, these figures are not necessarily a reliable snapshot of the current UK export situation.

There is still the question as to whether these businesses really have sufficient staffing and resources with strong enough linguistic capabilities. When it comes to translating websites, contracts and tenders, and providing customer service and communication in multiple languages, can we match those provided by our friends in Europe?

Develop Language Skills to Succeed

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