Track Your Progress and Reach Your Language Goals

track your progress


Track Your Progress: How Tracking will Help You Reach Your Goals

by Teva Serna

Feel you’re not making any progress despite your best efforts to memorise those French conjugations? Unsure whether you should focus on building your vocabulary, or developing your listening skills?

If you are a language learning beginner, you will experience substantial progress when you start learning a new language. Beyond the basics however, you may not notice how much progress you are making and start wondering whether your efforts are really paying off. Measuring your progress becomes essential as you move forward on your language-learning journey.

Keeping Track of your Progress will Increase your Motivation

✅ You will visualise your actual progression in a more objective way

✅ You will identify whether you need to change your learning method if your progress is slow

✅ You will understand the results of the efforts you have made

How Can You Track Your Progress?

Whether you are taking lessons with a trainer or not, there are several tools and methods which will help you monitor your progress:

✅ Record the time you spend learning and which topics you are working on.

✅ Re-read texts, listen to songs and watch films a second time will help you check if you understand them more than the first time.

✅ After studying for 40-60 hours, retake our language level test and compare the result with the one you obtained the first time.

Mobile language apps, websites and programmes such as Duolingo, Memrise and Anki will also help you check your progression.

Take Action: Take Back Control

By monitoring your progress you will identify which areas and topics you should focus on. If people can’t understand you easily, then you should focus on improving your pronunciation. If words easily come to your mind but you have difficulties putting them together to make sentences then you should spend more time on grammar and syntax. Your trainer will constantly adapt your lessons and should make recommendations on which topics and exercises you should practice in your own time to progress further.

How to Progress with Cactus

Every student taking a course with Cactus Language Training receives regular feedback from his/her trainer. From assessing your level before the start of your course to evaluating the progress you have made by the end of your lessons, we keep track and report on your progression. Our professional trainers are experts at identifying areas you need to be working on and will keep you motivated throughout the course to ensure you reach your language learning goals.

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Cactus language offers the following types of language courses:

Evening language courses: 19 different languages in 15 UK locations
Language holidays: worldwide immersion courses in the country of the language
Private tuition: tailor-made and corporate language training solutions throughout the world
TEFL: teacher training courses for both English and other languages all over the world
Online courses: for teacher training, English and French