Top Business Spanish Phrases

Top Business Spanish Phrases – Most Common Business Spanish Phrases

Spanish is a language spoken by over 400 million people worldwide. Not only is Spanish spoken in Spain, but it is also an official language across many Central American, South American and African countries. Spanish is also one of the most influential languages in the USA. Whether you want to pursue learning Business Spanish to do business in Spain, or need some basic Spanish phrases to reply to an email, we have listed a few Business Spanish phrases.

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Top Business Spanish Phrases:


Buenos dias – good morning

Buenas tardes – good afternoon/evening

Discussing Business Topics:

Me gustaría presentar el proyecto — I would like to present the project

Tienes la palabra — You can start the conversation

Estoy de acuerdo – I agree

No comparto tu opinión — I don’t share your opinion

Se trató de un pequeño malentendido — It was a small misunderstanding

¿Cuándo firmamos el contrato? — When do we sign the contract/agreement?

Business Emails:

Estimados/as colegas — Dear colleagues

Saludos cordiales/Un cordiale saludo — Kind regards

No dudes en contactarme — Don’t hesitate to contact me

Espero con interés escuchar de usted pronto — I look forward to hearing from you soon

Espero con interés tu respuesta — I look forward to your response

Espero con interés tu opinión al respecto — I look forward to hearing your thoughts about it

¿Me podrías reenviar el correo electrónico? — Could you forward me the email?

Te copiaré — I’ll copy you in

Scheduling A Business Meeting in Spanish:

(Nosotros) Necesitamos programar una reunión — We need to schedule a meeting

La reunión está programada para hoy — The meeting is scheduled for today

Confirmó su asistencia — He/She confirmed attendance

¿Podrías reservar la sala de conferencias? — Could you reserve the conference room?

¡No te preocupes, todo está arreglado! — Don’t worry, everything is settled!

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