Top Business Portuguese Phrases

Business Portuguese Phrases

Top Business Portuguese Phrases – Most Common Business Portuguese Phrases

Portuguese is a language spoken by over 200 million people worldwide. Not only is Portuguese spoken in Portugal, but it is also an official language in Brazil and many African countries. Portuguese is one of the most influential languages in South America. Whether you want to pursue learning Business Portuguese to do business in Portugal or Brazil, or need some basic Portuguese phrases to reply to an email, we have listed a few Business Portuguese phrases.

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Top Business Portuguese Phrases:


Bom diagood morning

Boa tardegood afternoon/evening

Discussing Business Topics:

(Eu) Gostaria de apresentar o projeto — I would like to present the project

Tens a palavra — You can start the conversation

Estou de acordoI agree

No partilho da Tua opinião I don’t share your opinion

Tratou-se de um pequeno mal-entendido It was a small misunderstanding

Quando assinamos o contrato?When do we sign the contract/agreement?

Business Emails:

Estimados/as colegasDear colleagues

Atenciosamente/Atentamente — Kind regards

Não hesites em me contactar Don’t hesitate to contact me

Espero ter notícias tuas em breve/Aguardo contacto I look forward to hearing from you soon

Fico a aguardar a tua respostaI look forward to your response

Fico a aguardar a tua opinião — I look forward to hearing your thoughts about it

Poderias reenviar-me o email?Could you forward me the email?

Scheduling A Business Meeting in Portuguese:

(Nós) Precisamos de agendar uma reuniãoWe need to schedule a meeting

A reunião está agendada para hoje — The meeting is scheduled for today

Ele/Ela confirmou a presença — He/She confirmed attendance

Poderias reservar a sala de conferências?Could you reserve the conference room?

Não te preocupes, tudo está resolvido! Don’t worry, everything is settled!

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