Top Business French Phrases

Top Business French Phrases – Most Common Business French Phrases

In French business communication, differences between written/spoken language and face-to-face/phone interactions are important.
Casual greetings like “Salut!” are okay with colleagues, but formal letters should start with “Cher Monsieur/Madame [name].”
In phone calls, begin with “Allo! Puis-je parler à M. [name]?” Formality is standard; use “vous” unless agreed on “tu.”
In offices, it’s common to use “Monsieur” or “Madame” + surname. Mastering business French means expanding work-related vocabulary for effective communication. Whether you’re venturing into French business or just need basics for correspondence, here are essential Business French phrases.

Top Business French Phrases:


Bonjour – Hello.

Bonsoir – Good evening.

Enchanté(e) – Delighted.

Ravi(e) de vous rencontrer – Happy to meet you.

C’est un plaisir de vous rencontrer – It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Discussing Business Topics in French:

J’aimerais présenter le projet – I would like to present the project

Tu peux commencer la conversation – You can start the conversation

Je suis d’accord – I agree

Je ne partage pas ton avis – I don’t share your opinion

C’était un petit malentendu – It was a small misunderstanding

Quand signons-nous le contrat ? – When do we sign the contract/agreement?

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Interacting with Co-workers in French:

Puis-je te demander un service ? – Can I ask you a favor?

Et si on faisait une pause café ? – How about a coffee break?

The question, Pouvons-nous nous tutoyer ? (Can we switch to informal ‘you’?), reflects the evolving nature of workplace relationships.

Business Emails:

Chers collègues – Dear colleagues

Cordialement – Kind regards

N’hésitez pas à me contacter – Don’t hesitate to contact me

J’attends avec impatience de vos nouvelles – I look forward to hearing from you soon

J’attends ta réponse avec intérêt – I look forward to your response

J’attends avec impatience ton avis à ce sujet – I look forward to hearing your thoughts about it

Peux-tu me transférer le courriel ? – Could you forward me the email?

Je te mets en copie – I’ll copy you in

Scheduling A Business Meeting in French:

(Nous) devons planifier une réunion – We need to schedule a meeting

La réunion est prévue pour aujourd’hui – The meeting is scheduled for today.

Il/Elle a confirmé sa participation – He/She confirmed attendance.

Pourrais-tu réserver la salle de conférence ? – Could you reserve the conference room?

Ne t’inquiète pas, tout est réglé ! – Don’t worry, everything is settled!

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