Surge in Professionals Learning German

German Course Uptake Increases by 30% Year on Year

Back in June 2016, after the Brexit result, we talked about the possibility of Germany becoming the new UK. With its low unemployment rates, low cost of living, and tolerant policies, Germany looked set to attract those who were previously considering a move to the UK. Now, as the London city banks announce potential job moves to Frankfurt, we have seen a huge year-on-year increase in the number of professionals taking up German language courses across the UK.

The biggest increase has been seen in the beginner level groups, indicating that more people have decided to start learning German – and our market research shows, this is mainly for professional reasons. Having a good command of German is a prerequisite for finding a job in Germany, and many people are now taking up this challenge with the belief that Germany will offer them better job opportunities than the UK.

Germany has the largest economy in Europe. It also boasts unemployment rates of 4.2% and the cost of living in Germany is a lot cheaper compared to other European cities. Rent, and the price of food, drink and transport in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Hamberg are significantly lower than London or Paris.

Which Banks are Moving?

According to a research paper commissioned by Deutsche Boerse, Brexit “will make Frankfurt the clear European centre for financial market regulation and simultaneously, Frankfurt might indeed become the European centre for supranational risk management.” Germany’s Handelsblatt newspaper also reported that Goldman Sachs is considering cutting its London workforce to 3,000 and moving key operations to New York and continental Europe. The suggestion is that up to 1,000 staff could move to Frankfurt. Goldmansachs, JPMorgan and Citigroup are all making noises about potentially moving a large number of jobs to Frankfurt. The head of the Frankfurt Main Finance trade body, Hubertus Vath, said that he expects as many as 10,000 jobs could move to Frankfurt from London over the next five years.

For those remaining in the UK there is a strong indication that working with offices, businesses and partners in Germany seems more likely, therefore a good knowledge of German and the cultural differences will be a pre-requisite for many jobs in the city.

Now that we’ve dipped our toes into the world of aviation communication. It’s time to dive deeper and explore the backbone of this unique language—the Aviation Phonetic Alphabet.

Have you ever wondered why pilots don’t just say “A” for “Apple” when communicating? Well, the answer lies in the need for absolute clarity. Particularly in situations where a single misunderstanding can have serious consequences.

Your Options For German Language Training

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Cactus Language Training Services

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