Specialist Language Courses

Our Specialist Language Courses range from Aviation English to Arabic for Oil and Gas and are designed for those who have very specific language needs and goals. The key focus of these courses is to develop your industry-specific lexis, technical vocabulary and language skills relevant for your particular sector. As a doctor, for example, it is critical that the medical language you use is accurate at all times. Across all industries there is a venacular that pertains to specific roles and jobs, and knowledge of sector-relevant jargon is often a pre-requiste in completing tasks to the best of one’s ability.

Specialist Language Courses & the Consultation Process

Through consultation with our Academic Team we will tailor a course plan to your exact needs and requirements. Our trainers have experience in your field and will train you on the relevant technical knowledge. A Specialist Language Course is highly recommended for those who work in a field or area that requires highly targeting training with specialist trainers such as medicine, finance, energy, and pharmaceuticals.

> Aviation English > IT English > Oil and Gas Russian
> Engineering English > Legal English > Maritime English
> Engineering German > Logistics English > Medical English
> Fashion English > Oil and Gas English > English for Tourism
> Financial English > Oil and Gas Arabic > French for Tourism
> Italian for Tourism > Mandarin for Tourism > Spanish for Tourism
> English for Diplomats

Why Choose Cactus Language Training?

✅ Our experience across a wide range of industries means that we understand your linguistic needs

✅ Flexibility is at the heart of our course design, ensuring successful learning around your busy schedule

✅ Guaranteed sense of achievement from day one of your course, ensuring your time is used effectively

✅ Discuss your language goals and requirements with a linguistic specialist as part of our free consultation

✅ Choose the time, day, frequency and location of your course delivery

✅ Work with only highly qualified, experienced, results driven trainers that will help you achieve your targets

For a detailed quote and free consultation please contact us or call us on 00 44 (0) 1273 830 960.

Our Clients Include

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Choose from over 20 Languages

> English > Czech > German > Japanese > Russian
> Arabic > Danish > Greek > Korean > Spanish
> Catalan > Dutch > Hebrew > Norwegian > Swedish
> Chinese > Finnish > Hindi > Polish > Thai
> Croatian > French > Italian > Portuguese > Turkish