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The number of Chinese visitors to Europe and the UK is soaring. Tourist boards and businesses are increasingly trying to attract this market. As a result, having Chinese language skills is highly valued in the tourism industry. Key to cater to Chinese visitors. Our lessons will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to attract and assist Mandarin-speaking tourists. From assisting visitors from China to preparing promotional materials to reach out to Chinese tourists.

Our Chinese for Tourism courses are fully tailored to the specific needs of tourism professionals. Our training courses are ideal for those looking to join the industry or to advance in their career.
Whether you are new to the sector or are a working professional, you will learn and practice the specific Mandarin skills needed to excel in your job. We work with experienced tutors who focus on the specific vocabulary.
Cactus Language Training provides Chinese for Tourism lessons to individuals and businesses across the world. Including London, Hong Kong, Dubai, New York and Buenos Aires. We have an established network of Chinese-Mandarin trainers with a professional background in the tourism.
We will work with you to deliver the very best Chinese for Tourism course. It will focus on your needs, based on your lesson objectives, desired end goals, time available, learning style, level and budget.

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