OET Exam Preparation

OET Preparation Training

The OET Preparation Course is designed for healthcare professionals. A preparation course tailored to your need so you can improve your language skills and prepare for the OET exam in a short amount of time. The course is suitable for those who already have a minimum level of B2/IELTS 6.0 overall/OET Grade C and want to focus specifically on OET preparation. The programme can focus on your specific skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening.

OET Exam Preparation Course Goals

OET Exam Preparation Course – Sample:

Below you will find a sample structure of one of our OET Exam Preparation Courses. This is just a sample guide to the structure of our courses which can be spread over 2 or 4-weeks depending on the requirements of the individuals taking part.

1. Introduction to OET

  • Introduction to the OET test format and content
  • Overview of the reading section of the OET test
  • Vocabulary building exercises related to healthcare

2. Focus on Writing skills

  • Overview of the writing section of the OET test
  • Practice writing skills and strategies
  • Feedback on writing exercises

3. Developing Listening skills

  • Overview of the listening section of the OET test
  • Practice listening skills and strategies
  • Vocabulary building exercises related to healthcare

4. Enhancing Speaking skills

  • Overview of the speaking section of the OET test
  • Practice speaking skills and strategies
  • Feedback on speaking exercises

5. Review of OET preparation

  • Review of all sections of the OET test
  • Mock test simulation
  • Test-taking strategies and techniques

This programme would provide a foundation for understanding OET exam and get your ready to pass the exam. Each session includes bespoke content adapted to your needs. It will help you developing your skills before taking the exam.

OET exam preparation course can take various forms and lengths. It will depend on the specific needs and goals of the participants. Cactus recommends a programme of 3 weeks to allow you to develop your skills.

Assessments & Materials

OET practice tests will be conducted throughout the course. In order to assess progress and identify areas for improvement. The final day of the programme will include a mock test simulation to provide students with a realistic experience of the OET exam.

These assessments are crucial for self-study improvement as well as providing students with a guide as to their progress. The mock test simulations are a perfect way to assess whether students are prepared for the official OET exam which will be taken externally.

Materials will be provided prior to the start of the course.

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