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As well as our language, industry specific and other popular training programmes, Cactus also offer a wide range of other language-based training options for you and your team.

Examples of Other Training Programmes with Cactus

Below are some of our other training programmes for teams and individuals. Cactus offer courses in over 20 different languages and can provide training solutions anywhere in the world, either online or in-person.

HR Assessment

Do you need to verify the language skills of prospective new employees?

Cactus provides HR language assessment solutions for companies requiring written or verbal assessment of potential candidates whose job role requires foreign language competence.

As native speakers, our teachers are perfectly qualified to assess a candidate’s language ability and subsequent suitability for a given role. Assessment can be conducted over the phone or face-to-face in your offices.

Translation Services

At Cactus Language Training we know that customers are four times more likely to buy from a website in their own language. With exponential growth in the number of non-English language users the demand for translations and specifically website translations is on the increase. Cactus provides professional translation services to companies worldwide, and specialises in website translation. 

With Cactus you can expect prompt service and fair prices on top of consistent high quality and accuracy. We only use highly qualified mother-tongue translators with a minimum of two years’ relevant commercial experience of translating texts in your sector.

Accent & Dialect Coaching

Cactus Language Training coaches both actors and non-actors in a variety of accents and dialects. Our accent and dialect coaching will perfect an accent or dialect in a short period of time for projects in TV, film, theatre and radio.

We focus on the position of the tongue, lips, and jaw for shaping the sounds, the rhythm and melody of the accent, the specific vowel sounds and consonant sounds, to achieve an accurate and authentic accent.

Advanced Language Training

With the globalisation of business, it is more important than ever that your teams can communicate effectively with colleagues and customers around the world.

Our advanced language training courses have been developed for teams who have a good working knowledge of the language and need to perfect the nuances and range of vocabulary available to them.

Beginner Language Training

Overseas expansion, additional funding, and sudden corporate growth can all lead to one of the most common obstacles in business – a language barrier between teams.

While most companies try to overcome the barriers by establishing points of contact or account management divisions in between teams speaking different languages, the reality is that it’s more cost effective – and efficient – to put your teams through a beginner’s language training programme.

Choose from over 20 languages

Whether you are looking to improve your, or your team’s language skills for expansion, or to interact more effectively with clients. Cactus offer language training in over 20 different languages. For those looking for specific, industry-tailored training, Cactus can provide specialist language training in any language from across the world.

Whether you are planning on studying online, face-to-face, or through one of our blended courses, we can offer the right solution for your needs.

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