French Training in the UK

French Language Training in the UK

The links between France and the UK are deep in their complexity due to shared history and close due to the two countries physical proximity. French has traditionally been the first choice for language learners in schools and universities and while the British have a reputation for their reluctance to learn languages French has historically been the one that most British people know a few words of having had to learn it at school.

As a colonial language French has made its mark around the world and played a key role in the founding of the United Nations, the Olympics and the European Common Market. It is seen internationally as the language of diplomacy alongside English.

Where to study French in the UK​

Cactus offer language training at locations across the UK. Our solutions allow your training to take place online, at your office, or your home.

No matter your needs or requirements, we can provide language, cross-cultural, elocution & pronunciation training, and industry-specific training such as oil & gas and finance.

Below are examples of some of the major UK locations we offer French training in.

French Training in London

Whether you are looking for French Training at your office, online or at your home, Cactus can provide French training solutions at any location at times to suit you.

French Training in Belfast

Cactus offer French training in Belfast and other locations across Northern Ireland. You choose the time, location and frequency and we can find the right solution for you.

French Training in Birmingham

Corporate French Training is available across Birmingham and the Midlands through Cactus. From language to cross-cultural training.

French Training in Bristol

French training in Bristol is available across the city and surrounding areas. Whether you are looking for in-person or online training solutions.

French Training in Cardiff

Wherever you are located in Cardiff or Wales, Cactus can solve your French language training needs with our proven solutions.

French Training in Edinburgh

Cactus provide a multitude of solutions for all your French training needs in Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland.

French Training in Glasgow

Our French training solutions are available in Glasgow and surrounding areas. Cactus will find the perfect solution for your needs.

French Training in Manchester

Cactus offer French training at locations across Manchester. You choose the time, location and frequency and we can find the right solution for you.

Other UK Locations

Cactus provide French training in any city across the UK. From Liverpool to Brighton. Contact one of our team to discuss your needs.

Our Clients

“Cactus has made it very easy to set up a language training programme across 11 locations, knowing how to adapt to the many different offices, locations and training requirements.”
Sandy, Language Training Coordinator
Lloyds International

Why Choose Cactus For Your Language Training Needs?

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At Cactus, we believe that finding the right training solution for you or your team is the key to success. That is why we offer taster lessons to help find the right solution for you.

These 1-hour taster lessons allow you to discover what we can offer in training solutions for your team. It also allows us to understand your needs and tailor a full course specifically to your needs.

You can signup for your 1-hour taster lesson easily. Once you have completed our simple form, one of our team will contact you to set up your no obligation taster lesson in the language of your choice and start your training journey with Cactus.

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