Cross-Cultural Training

Cross-Cultural Training Courses

Cactus provides cross-cultural training courses. Courses are designed for people to interact effectively with professionals from other backgrounds. Language learning is complemented by bespoke courses. These will equip global minded professionals with the skills to thrive on the international stage. Cross-cultural training typically covers a range of topics. To help individuals work respectfully with people from diverse backgrounds.
Cross-cultural training courses are also built to order. Tailor-made with focused intent around individual and organisational goals.

Cross-Cultural Training Content

One-Week Cross-Cultural Training Programme - Sample

This one-week cross-cultural training program would provide a foundation for understanding cultural differences. Each day includes bespoke content for professional adapted to the language. It will help promoting diversity, inclusion, and cultural intelligence in the workplace.Cross-cultural training can take various forms and lengths. It will depend on the specific needs and goals of the participants.For a detailed quote and free consultation please contact us or call us on 00 44 (0) 1273 830 960.
Understanding Culture and its impact on communication

Introduction to the concept of culture and its dimensions

Exploring cultural values and norms

Overview of cultural values and how they shape behaviour and attitudes

Diversity and Inclusion

Strategies for building an inclusive work environment.

Cross-cultural Leadership

Understanding the impact of culture on leadership styles and approaches.

Global Business Etiquette

Understanding the importance of cultural norms and etiquette in global business interactions.

Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution

Understanding cultural differences in conflict resolution styles and approaches

Cultural Intelligence and Integration

Introduction to the concept of cultural intelligence

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