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Learn the Language Before you Relocate: 5 Good Reasons

Whatever your reasons for relocating – retirement property in the sun, tax free salary, promotion to an international office, or just for the roof-top bar and pool – it makes a big difference if you can speak a bit of the local lingo, and an even bigger difference in you need to do business in that language. The battle of acclimatising and settling in will already be half won if you can at least communicate the basics in the foreign tongue.

1. Being a Normal Person:

Grocery shopping, getting a taxi, paying the bills, ordering in a restaurant – all of these things will be a lot easier if you can speak a little of the language before you arrive.

2. Avoiding Culture Shock:

Learning the local language will also involve familiarising yourself with the local customs, culture, history and traditions. As such, it will make any impact of culture shock more bearable and will help you understand why the people behave in an unfamiliar way.

3. Getting Ahead of the Competition:

Having just a few words in the local language will put you ahead in a variety of business situations. Being able to demonstrate at the very least an attempt to speak the language will put you in high esteem amongst those you meet.

4. Get Involved:

There is often a whole new world to discover when you relocate, new activities, new sports, new clubs to join. Knowing some of the language can help you really take advantage of all the great opportunities on offer and help you integrate with the locals.

5. Have a Real Experience:

Typically as an expat abroad it is easy to stick with people from your own country or other expats. By doing this you deny yourself a genuine experience of the country you are in. Learn the language and create some fantastic memories.

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