Lloyds International Case Study: Large Scale Training in Spain


Business and Financial Spanish and English Across Spain

This successful large-scale language training programme saw Cactus implement training in Spanish and English at Lloyds Spain headquarters and 11 of the bank’s branches across Spain. Cactus has been providing corporate language training for Lloyds Spain since November 2011. Language learning has been both a staff benefit and an indispensable requirement for their busines; with English customers and English roots, communication between departments and development of the different sectors of the global Lloyds group is dependent on employees being able to speak both English and Spanish.

Why did Lloyds International choose Cactus Language Training?

As an English bank located in Spain, tuition was required in both English and Spanish in 11 locations across Spain, from the bank’s headquarters in Madrid to branches in Marbella, Puerto Banús, Fuengirola, Alicante, Mallorca, Murcia, Pamplona, Valencia and Barcelona. The minimum language level required for all employees was C1 (advanced level according to the Common European Framework), whilst those in direct contact with clients needed to reach C2 (mastery or proficiency). Lloyds choose Cactus Language Training due to their operational scope and ability to provide training in a significant number of locations across Spain. They also chose Cactus Language Training for their specialised knowledge and experience in teaching advanced levels.

How was the training delivered?

Cactus implemented the required language classes by listening to the specific needs of Lloyds Spain and devising closed group language classes in each of the required locations. With our vast network of professional, native speaker teachers, many of whom boast specific knowledge and experience within the financial industry, Cactus was able to provide bespoke tuition in a flexible and convenient setting. Our remit was to ensure a solid grammatical base and good written skills, with most importance placed on reaching fluency in the spoken language and gaining confidence to speak in any situation.

How has Cactus Language Training benefited the company?

The closed group language lessons have been effective in helping the business grow and succeed. Feedback from employees has been extremely positive and students feel very close to their allocated teachers and motivated by their passion for teaching. Each time they re-initiate a round of training, there are many voluntary requests for language training, over and above those that are required by the business, reflecting the desire as well as the need to continue learning.

Would you recommend Cactus to other companies for Language Training?

Sandy, the lead coordinator of the language training at Lloyds said, “the language training has been a good use of funds for Lloyds Spain and without a doubt the impact on the business has been tangible and positive. Working with Cactus has been easy due to their efficiency, ability to source the right teachers and their flexibility in dealing with a company such as ours, which experiences continual change. The team at Cactus has been nothing but hard working, dedicated and professional.”

“Cactus has made it very easy to set up a language training programme across 11 locations, knowing how to adapt to the many different offices, locations and training requirements. Lloyds has always tried to provide clear and accurate information about each office and the particular staff involved, so collaboration on both sides has facilitated the smooth running of a large scale language training programme.”

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