NCsoft Case Study: Multi-lingual Training


Multi-Language Training for Korean-based Gaming Leader NCsoft

NCsoft is a leader in the worldwide gaming industry with unrivalled online game development and international publishing network. Established in 1997 with headquarters in Korea, the company produces some of the world’s top-selling PC games including City of Heroes, City of Villains, Tabula Rasa and Guild Wars.

Why did NCsoft choose Cactus Language Training?

With the explosive growth of social networking and popularity of Massively Multi Player Online (MMO) games, NCsoft requires its team of web developers to oversee a variety of European online communities for each game. They support communities in France, Spain, Germany and the UK by providing the latest news, gaming advice and product updates, as well as information about events and competitions. Alongside needing to talk directly with international gamers, NCsoft also wanted to enhance its internal business communications. The European branch offices continually need to liaise with each other about general business operations such as distribution and marketing, while also communicating with the head office in Korea. Cactus was chose due their international reach and network of highly qualified trainers.

How was the training delivered?

Cactus conducted a detailed and company-wide analysis of NCsoft’s language requirements to assess the current range of skills amongst employees and target those individuals with the greatest training needs. Using this information, Cactus devised a range of tailor-made learning approaches, including group classes and one-to-one training sessions. Classes were conducted in Korean, French, Spanish, German and English, with the curriculum emphasising the core learning areas: reading, writing and verbal skills. In addition, Cactus provided milestones for each student to assess their progress, as well as online reporting for the HR team.

How has Cactus Language Training benefited the company?

Thanks to Cactus, our business and customer communications have been transformed. Not only can we manage our interaction with European gaming communities much more effectively, our international offices are now able to communicate in a range of languages. We’ve been very impressed with the results and are looking to add additional languages in the coming months.” Jane-Heath Brown, Head of HR at NCsoft.

Would you recommend Cactus to other companies for Language Training?

“Cactus has offered a flexible approach to language training which we’ve been able to modify according to our changing needs. Their online reporting also makes training accountable and ensures staff keep motivated and learn more quickly. We would definitely recommend Cactus to other companies with an interntional requirement.”

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