Eurostar Case Study: HR Language Assessment


HR Language Assessment for French, Dutch and English

Eurostar is a high speed passenger train linking London with cities in France, Belgium and other popular parts of Europe. Eurostar’s international links mean that second or third language ability is a requisite for many employees, to ensure that high standards are consistently met and that the company can enjoy continued growth. Eurostar has brought in Cactus to verify the language ability of prospective employees through our HR language assessment programme. English, Dutch and French were assessed as part of this project.

Why did Eurostar choose Cactus Language Training?

“Cactus has previously organised language training for Eurostar, so we knew that you had a large pool of teachers and would be able to cope with the workload. We were very happy with previous training that had been delivered so it made sense to continue working with Cactus.”

How was the assessment delivered?

“The oral language assessments took place either through live telephone calls or by using pre-recorded material of our candidates. As a special app was needed for this, we brought the teachers in to do this with a teacher as a guide. The teachers then marked the written assessments at home and sent them back to us. The solution provided by Cactus was bespoke and matched our requirements exactly.”

Would you recommend Cactus to other companies for Language Assessment?

Yes. You have a large network of qualified teachers who can carry out assessment at short notice, which is useful as we do not always have a lot of warning. It is reassuring to know that a company such as yours can deal with our differing demands. We have built up a good relationship with Cactus and your teachers are flexible and professional.

Thank you to Mlle Sharon Walsh, Lead Language Teacher at Eurostar International Paris, for providing this case study.

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