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Our clients are progressive companies and individuals who know that developing the language skills of their workforce or themselves will improve their business and professional career in a varity of areas. With our expertise in Beginners Language Training through to Advanced Language Training, Cactus has a proven track record of helping both businesses and individuals achieve their language learning goals.

What Our Clients Say

“I really like how the lessons help me get more self confidence. I also learn contextual vocabulary, which is really helpful for me in professional context. Jennifer provides really good insights regarding professional world, shares HR knowledge etc. Thanks to exercises I can improve my grammar skills.We find solutions together to find the best dates and times for the course. I already started to feel progression since I started my lessons with Jennifer.”

Jeremie, Advanced English, AKQA, Senior Manager, London

“I have certainly grow in confidence and been given tools to improve my grasp of the language. I strongly recommend Cactus for the ease of organizing everything and the flexibility shown. The greatest assets being the teacher Maria. It makes such a difference being taught by a native spanard who is as encouraging as she is, and as skilled. I am also booking a full immersion course in the country where the target language is spoken with Cactus Language.”

Grant, Spanish, Private Client, Liverpool

“I was extremely happy with my training course and thought that Anais was a fantastic teacher. She made me feel relaxed and confident to improve my speaking skills without any fear of failure. I would definitely recommend her to anyone else in the future.”

David, French, Mckinsey & Co, Paris

Many thanks for arranging my Greek lessons with Afroditi. She is a very warm and thoroughly professional person so I congratulate you on finding such a suitable teacher. She goes at a lively and challenging pace with time to go over key areas of the language. I find her style both stimulating and thorough and she allows me time to ask questions and go over more complex materials. She said that I made very good progress in my first lesson and that she was impressed my ability to assimilate the key elements of the language at this early stage of my study. The course will progress according to my needs and I will endeavour to ask Afrodite to cover material that is most relevant to me at this stage. Thanks once again for finding such a great teacher.

Christopher, Greek, Private Client, London

The textbook we are using and the supplementary websites, audio and written exercises are helping to cement my understanding each time. Weekly lessons of 1.5hrs I think are perfect with the right balance of new material and revision of previous lessons. Me and my trainer have a good rapport and I am pleased with the results so far.

Clarissa, Swedish, Private Client, London

My first impressions were very positive. Almiro is a very good teacher, he is well prepared and organised. He knows his stuff very well and is very good at explaining the complexities of Portuguese. I had hoped to pass my university exams as a result of this extra tuition and I did really well in my exams and am delighted. The tuition gave me a lot of confidence. Almiro was very calming and I felt my stress levels at university went down a lot as a result of Almiro’s tuition. He was very good at helping me remember things like verb conjugations more easily. Cactus was able to provide tuition at a high level for Portuguese whereas others could not.

Diana, Advanced Brazilian Portuguese, Private Client, London


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