Language Training for Employee Benefits and Rewards

Worldwide Language Training for Employee Benefits and Rewards

The business benefits of language training are widely recognised as the ability to communicate with new and potential international customers from all over the world has enormous competitive advantages. From sales pitches to customer service, linguistic skills and cultural knowledge can bring new business opportunities, increase sales and improve existing customer relations. However, providing language training for your teams not only enhances the success of your organisation but also provides your staff with an excellent employee benefit. Group language training gives employees the chance to gain a new skill, develop personally and professionally, and foster improved relationships with their co-workers.

The Business Benefits of Language Training

✅ Improved team work, morale, internal communication, and productivity

✅ Increased business opportunities across new and existing international markets

✅ Greater understanding of foreign cultures, business practices and social etiquette

✅ Provide employees with a sense of achievement, confidence and feeling valued

✅ Improved customer service and client relations

✅ Traditional company hierarchies can be relaxed to boost team spirit

How Does Group Language Training Work?

✅ More than 20 different languages to choose from

✅ Training delivered at your offices during office hours, lunchtime or after work

✅ Beginners to Advanced level, participants are grouped according to level

✅ Native or bi-lingual, experienced and qualified results-driven tutors

✅ Classes are interactive, challenging and engaging

✅ Employees from junior to senior level can participate

Case Study: Alliance Bernstein

Leading investment management and research firm, Alliance Bernstein chose Cactus Language Training to deliver French, German and Spanish courses as a company perk. The courses were offered across the organisation to improve team work, foster improved internal communications and to provide employees with an additional training benefit.

“I am really enjoying out beginners French class and am so pleased Bernstein are running these classes for everyone. It’s a great cross-functional mixer! Our teacher, Cedric, is really great. I think the pace is good and the class sizes are very good as well. The lessons have been very beneficial.” French participant, employee at Alliance Bernstein

Case Study: Tequila

As one of the UK’s top five integrated marketing agencies with operations across Europe, the USA and Asia, Tequila believes that training and development are crucial to both inform and inspire its employees. For this reason Tequila chose Cactus to devise a language training programme that would appeal to a cross-section of staff and help reinforce the company’s international business outlook.

“One of the key challenges in my role is deciding how people can be managed and organised to work together effectively. Cactus has provided us with a great way to encourage team building and creativity in a fun atmosphere. The language classes have proved incredibly popular and we’re looking to expand the courses we offer.” Silvia Bartels, Head of Intelligence, Tequila.

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Why Choose Cactus Language Training?

✅ You will learn to communicate confidently with other oil and gas professionals

✅ You can combine face-to-face training with online and blended learning solutions

✅ We are experts in Beginners Language Training through to Advanced Language Training

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Choose from over 20 Languages

> English > Czech > German > Japanese > Russian
> Arabic > Danish > Greek > Korean > Spanish
> Catalan > Dutch > Hebrew > Norwegian > Swedish
> Chinese > Finnish > Hindi > Polish > Thai
> Croatian > French > Italian > Portuguese > Turkish