How we Recruit our Trainers

At Cactus we only work with qualified, native or bilingual, results driven trainers and tutors, whose goal is to meet and exceed your language training needs. All of our trainers go through a rigorous recruitment process before they can teach for us. Here, we explain exactly what we expect from our trainers and the criteria they need to fulfil. From teachers of Russian for the Oil and Gas industry to teachers of Italian for Tourism, every trainer is vetted and taken through the following stages before the are accepted to represent Cactus Language Training.


Stage 1: CV and Pre-Interview Task

Candidates submit their CV and completed Cactus Language Training pre-interview task. From the CV we look for a minimum of two years teaching experience, a relevant teaching qualification and industry experience. The purpose of the task is to ensure that all trainers have the required teaching techniques and skills. The task questions are based on the communicative approach and analyse the way the teacher approaches lesson aims, lesson planning, skills practice, use and meaning of language, pronunciation, error correction, classroom management, learn styles and engagement of participants.


Stage 2: Interview with the Academic Director

All of our trainers are interviewed by our in-house Academic Director to ensure consistency in quality and delivery. During the interview process specific themes will be addressed including teaching style, methodologies, the immersion technique, use of materials, industry experience and background, among others. The interview also gives the trainer an opportunity to ask questions and gain a better understanding of our processes and operations.


Stage 3: Course Information

The trainer is given the client’s needs analysis, client background, expectations, and any other relevant information before the start of the course and course materials are discussed. We ensure that all of our trainers are fully informed before the start of the course, and we regularly check on the progress of the participants with the trainer.


Stage 4: Feedback and Quality Assurance

After the first lesson we request initial first-impressions feedback from the client to ensure that they are satisfied with the trainer at this stage. Throughout the course the assigned account manager is available to address any questions or requests from the client, ensuring that the course content and delivery continues to meet expectations and goals.