How to Book Private Tuition with Cactus Language Training

How to Book Private Tuition

To book private tuition for any of our key languages with Cactus Language Training, simply follow the steps below.

1. Choose the number of people

You can take private tuition as an individual (one-to-one) or in a pair (two-to-one) with a friend or colleague. If you’d like to take two-to-one private tuition you will need to find the person you want to study with and ensure you are the same level. And of course, want to study the same language, with the same timetable. You can then split the cost between the two and you can also apply to your place of work for funding, if the language learning is relevant for your role.

2. Choose your course type

There are 4 course types to choose from when you book private tuition.
General: language learning for general purposes including communication in everyday situations, travel and living overseas.
Business: language learning focussing on business vocabulary and contexts. Business language courses will give you the necessary tools to communicate in a business environment in another language.
Exam: if you need to prove your language level officially or would like to obtain proof of your language level then private tuition focussing on a particular exam will maximise your chance of a successful result.
Specific: language learning for specific purposes enables you to focus on a particular industry or topic area. From aviation to oil and gas, fashion and retail to finance, you will learn the technical vocabulary and language specific to your field.

3. Choose your delivery method

You can choose to receive your private tuition face to face, in your place of work or at your home. You can also choose to be taught online over Skype, giving you the flexibility to continue your classes wherever you are in the world. You can also combine the two and opt to receive 50% of your lessons face to face and 50% online.

4. Choose your language

For bookings taken online we offer Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. We offer language training for all languages, so if the language you want to learn is not listed please contact us by email or phone.

5. Choose your location (country and city)

For bookings taken online we offer the following locations: Belgium (Brussels), France (Paris), Germany (Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt), Italy (Milan, Rome), Ireland (Dublin), The Netherlands (Amsterdam, The Hague), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), Switzerland (Zurich) and The United Kingdom. If your location is not listed please contact one us by email or phone.

6. Choose your start date

The earliest start date you can choose is 2 weeks from the day of making the booking. This is to allow us to confirm your individual learning goals and allocate a tutor that will cater to your specific needs.

7. Choose your number of hours

You can take the number of hours that best suit you and your learning goals. Starting from a block of 15 hours, going up to 100 hours. The number of hours you take will depend on what you want to achieve. We recommend that you aim to take at least 1.5 hours of tuition per week in order to maintain momentum in your language learning. Once you have completed a block of hours you can book a further block to continue your learning. The more hours you book the cheaper per hour the hourly rate will be.

8. Complete your personal details

We only ask for and collect data that is necessary to process your booking.

9. Make your payment

You can either pay a deposit of 25% of the tuition fees or you can pay in full. Payment in full is required a minimum of 2 working days before the first lesson. You will receive a course payment confirmation email after you have made your booking.

10. We contact you

An education consultant from Cactus Language Training will contact you within 1 working day of making your booking. They will ask you to complete a Needs Analysis form in order to understand your specific learning goals and what you are looking to achieve. Once they have discussed your requirements, your current level, your availability and preferred timetable then Cactus Language Training will allocate a teacher to you. Teacher allocation will be based on your requirements in order to ensure your learning goals are met.
If you are not sure of your level we recommend you take our free online level test.

11. Course schedule confirmation

Once we have allocated the right teacher for you then you will receive a course confirmation email which will outline your specific schedule, the tutor’s details, and all other information pertaining to your booking.

If you have any questions at all please contact Cactus Language Training by email or telephone.