Guide to International Success

Our ‘Guide to International Success’: Levels and Progress Made Simple

Improved language skills are strongly linked to increased returns and international success. For this reason so many of our corporate clients and professional individuals choose long-term language learning with Cactus Language Training. With any form of training it is imperative to understand the starting point, the desired outcomes and the time needed to achieve these goals, and our ‘Guide to International Success‘ is designed to do just that. From assessing the language level of each team member, to determining the number of hours needed to reach proficiency, this booklet gives you the information you need to ensure your language training objectives are met.

✅ Assess your own and your delegates’ language levels and progress with ease
✅ Work out how much language training you need to meet your targets
✅ Learn the jargon and acronyms with our easy to understand explanations
✅ Step-by-step familiarisation with language levels and what they mean
✅ Understand your training needs, simply explained in a user-friendly format
✅ This guide is free and available for you to download immediately

Our Guide to International Success will be available to download shortly. Please check back soon to download your copy.

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