Business Greek Courses

Many British companies remain active in Greece including Vodafone, Dixons, Marks & Spencer, Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, British Airways and Astra Zeneca. There continues to be a number of benefits associated with doing business in Greece including the 20 million tourists that visit Greece every year, the highly educated and skilled workforce, the strong entrepreneurial tradition and the low labour costs. If you are looking to take advantage of the on-going privatisation programme which includes roads, ports, rail, and public utilities, or you work in real estate development, then obtaining a good level of Greek will give you a distinct advantage.

At Cactus Language Training we understand that learning a language should be enjoyable as well as highly-effective, and for that reason our experienced, results-driven tutors will ensure that you will start using Greek from the very first lesson.

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Greek Language Training in London, the UK and Worldwide

Cactus provides high quality Greek language training to individuals and businesses in London, the UK and Worldwide. We have an established network of professional, native speaker Greek trainers who are highly skilled in delivering business Greek courses for general and specific industry needs. We will work with you to deliver the very best Greek course for your needs, based on your lesson objectives, desired end goals, time available, learning style, level and budget.

Why Choose Cactus Language Training?

✅ Learn to communicate confidently and effectively with Greek-speaking colleagues and clients

✅ Strengthen and develop relationships with existing and potential clients

✅ Combine face-to-face training with online and blended learning solutions

✅ Experts in Beginners Language Training through to Advanced Language Training

✅ Gain a deeper understanding of the culture and work etiquette of your target market

✅ Build a distinct competitive edge when reaching out to international markets

✅ Learn technical vocabulary and industry-specific lexis unique to your sector

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Business Greek Course Options

Language training format: Face-to-face weekly or intensive courses, and/or via Skype

✅ Course content: General Greek, business Greek, technical Greek or industry-specific Greek

✅ Location: Classes take place in your office or home

✅ Timetable: You choose when and how often you want your classes to take place

✅ Course monitoring: We continually assess your course to ensure you are gaining optimum results

Speak to one of our account managers for a free consultation and needs analysis

For a detailed quote and free consultation please contact us or call us on 00 44 (0) 1273 830 960.

Our Clients Include

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Group Greek Evening Courses

Cactus offers open group evening language courses in 19 languages and 11 locations across the UK, including 5 London centres. These courses offer companies and individuals on-going weekly tuition, for all levels, at a great price.