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Identifying exactly what your team’s language needs and goals can be a challenging task. Cactus therefore offers a free language consultation to determine your specific language training requirements. With our expertise in both Beginners Language Training and Advanced Language training, and our choice of face-to-face, online and blended learning options, your free language consultation will help formulate the best language learning solutions for your employees. Our consultations take place either face-to-face in your offices, or over Skype, depending on your location.

The consultation will address the following areas:

✅ Previous training and existing knowledge of the language

✅ Situations and contexts in which your new language skills will be used

✅ Receptive or productive skills focus for the new language

✅ Specific terminology needed for the new language

✅ Learning outcomes, time frames, progession targets and setting expectations

Speak to one of our account managers for a free consultation and needs analysis

We will advise on the best method of language training and suggest a workable timetable for achieving your goals. We will also put together a bespoke, tailormade language training courses outline which will ensure these goals are met. By taking advantage of our free language training consultation there is no obligation to book a course, you can take this information and use it at a later date, or for research purposes. The consultation is an excellent way to pin point exactly what you need to achieve from your language training and see how these steps can be measured in a tangible and meaningful way.

In order to book a language training consultation with Cactus please contact us or call us.

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