Engineering English Courses

As more and more companies are working on international projects, English is increasingly used by engineers across the world to communicate with all parties involved. As a result, English language skills are both a common requirement and a valuable asset for career progression for engineers.

Our Engineering English courses are fully tailored to the specific needs of engineers, whether they work in the civil, military, mechanical, energy, manufacturing or automotive sector. Whether you are new to the industry or are a working professional, you will learn and practice the specific English skills needed to excel in your job. We work with experienced professionals who focus on the specific engineering vocabulary relevant to your sector.

Engineering English Courses in London, the UK and Worldwide

Cactus Language Training provides high quality Engineering English courses to individuals and businesses in London, the UK and Worldwide. We have an established network of native speaker English trainers with a professional background in engineering. We will work with you to deliver the very best Engineering English course for your needs, based on your lesson objectives, desired end goals, time available, learning style, level and budget.

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English for Engineering Language Training: Course Content

✅ Technical terminology and vocabulary

✅ Writing emails, letters and reports

✅ Liaising with multilingual staff

✅ Preparing effective presentations

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Why Choose Cactus Language Training?

✅ You will learn to communicate confidently with other engineers

✅ You can combine face-to-face training with online and blended learning solutions

✅ We are experts in Beginners Language Training through to Advanced Language Training

✅ You will learn technical vocabulary and industry-specific lexis unique to the engineering sector

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