Benefits of Blended Learning

benefits of blended learning


Blended Learning: Can it Help Your Organisation?

Blended learning is a term used with much frequency when it comes to potential solutions for training teams and large numbers of employees. But what does it really entail? And is it actually effective?

In essence, blended learning combines traditional face-to-face tuition and training with remote and online learning, in order to deliver a convenient, flexible and affordable solution for companies with large numbers of delegates. These same delegates may work remotely, be required to travel extensively for work, or are unable to attend regular sessions due to the demands of their schedules. Globalisation and the expansion of international markets has introduced complexities for training coordinators and managers that need to be overcome, and the benefits of blended learning under these circumstances should not be underestimated.

Blended Learning Options

Blended learning can take a number of different formats. These are some of the most popular, usually combined with an element of traditional face-to-face training:

✅ Online one-to-one training via Skype or similar platforms

✅ Online training, practice activities and discussion forums via a Learning Management System such as Moodle

Virtual classrooms that simulate the face-to-face experience

✅ Webinars tailored-made for a specific subject or area

✅ Tasks and assignments set and submitted online, with online feedback

Benefits of Blended Learning

✅ Flexible and affordable solution, online learning is generally a more economical way of training large numbers of delegates

✅ Delegates from offices in multiple locations and multiple time zones can be trained at the same time on the same topics

✅ Solutions can be adapted to suit the availability, work-load and individual schedule of the delegate

✅ Delegates can work at their own pace, chosing how and when they study

✅ Online options are designed so that delegates do not fall behind if they have to miss a face-to-face session

✅ Delegates can track their own progress and self-evaluate more easily

✅ Online tracking tools allow companies and managers to monitor the progress of their delegates more effectively

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