Author Andrew Finch

Foreign Relocation: More Than Just Practicalities and Logistics

Whilst relocation to another country can be exciting and rewarding, you need to be fully prepared to ensure the best possible experience. By ‘preparation’, most people would assume that you mean packing up your belongings, booking your travel and arranging or confirming accommodation arrangements. And of course, it’s essential that these things are sorted before… Read more

Language training for the legal profession

Cactus has been designing and implementing language training programmes to a wide range of industries since 2000. From corporations and SMEs to individuals, our range of clients has grown significantly since our inception. Here, we look at our experience working with legal organisations in Europe and worldwide in delivering tailored language training to the legal… Read more

Can language training help teams cross the cultural divide?

With domestic workforces becoming more ethnically and linguistically diverse, and companies of all sizes increasingly tapping into foreign markets, today’s average business will typically list employees of mixed nationality and race. English may no longer be the dominant language, and personal values may range from compatible to conflicting. That these people get on and understand… Read more

Does the UK have the Language Skills to Succeed?

Seven years after the British government joined the rest of Europe by stipulating that all high school students must take a language to EBacc/GCSE level, now is a good time to look at how we, as British, measure up to our European counterparts when it comes to language skills, and if we have the language… Read more

Business travel: why it pays to prepare yourself both culturally and linguistically

The Importance to Prepare Linguistically and Culturally for Business Travel When working with companies and organisations based overseas it is important to find mutual ground. This relates to culturally as well as language. Making the effort to learn the local dialect is key, but meetings and conversations can turn south over a simple culture faux-pas… Read more