Consumer Goods and Services / Health and Hygiene

In no other industry is the transmission of precise information in plain language as important as in healthcare. To get the best possible outcomes, health-related decisions should be based on clear and correct understanding of relevant health information and services.

Cactus understands these communication demands and has provided language training in dozens of languages to organisations from pharmaceutical companies to NHS Trusts.  Our programmes include the development of a tailored syllabus to cover specific medical terminology, helping employees communicate complex medical ideas simply to colleagues and patients.

Cactus is the preferred supplier of language services to Kimberley Clark Europe, providing courses in 15 European languages to employees in the UK.  We also have extensive experience of providing English training, both one-to-one tuition and group lessons, to nursing staff in the UK.

It was very well organised and I always came up with new, extra ideas and she always satisfied my requests.

Reka Kaparti, Kimberley Clarke, English

Sample Syllabus & Case Studies