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Chinese Mandarin Language Courses

Business Courses or Private Lessons in Chinese Mandarin

Whether you would like business or private Chinese Mandarin tuition, Cactus will be able to design and deliver a course designed around your level and needs. A business Chinese Mandarin language training course will enable you to focus on your specific remit for learning business Chinese Mandarin – this could range from giving presentations to conducting sales negotiations to simply being able to handle yourself in social situations in an international business environment. Private Chinese Mandarin lessons will also focus on ensuring you learn language that is relevant to your personal goals. Reasons for taking individual Chinese Mandarin tuition could range from improving your career options to travel to self-development. Your Chinese Mandarin tutor will be a qualified, experienced native speaker, and all courses are monitored by the Cactus in-house academic and operations teams to ensure their ongoing excellence. Tuition can take place in your office, your home, or in one of our language training centres.

Training Options

Typical Chinese Mandarin Courses

1. One-to-One Business or General Chinese Mandarin Tuition
Our general business classes are perfect for any professional, for whom languages are necessary for success. Each class is specifically crafted following thorough needs analysis and level testing with each client. Tuition plans and materials are researched and tailor-made for each individual. Lessons are flexible and personal; and guarantee you make the maximum progress in the time that you have.  

2. Small Closed Group Business or General Chinese Mandarin Classes
Each class is delivered on a cost-effective basis. Courses participants follow a rigorous needs analysis and level testing process to ensure the language training plan will work for everyone. The emphasis will typically be on developing communicative skills in the target language. However, tuition can be adapted to different professional needs, including finance, legal, and medical language. It is also possible to follow a different lesson format, and focus on business writing skills, for example. 

3. One-to-One or Small Group Language and Cultural Training Course in Chinese Mandarin
These classes are ideal for professionals who are relocating or who have business commitments abroad. Cactus Language and Cultural Training Programmes will not only enable you to communicate in the language of the destination country, it will also give every student the tools to address the specific cultural issues arising from working in a different culture. Course focus areas might include social relationships, management styles, teamwork, and communication styles. (link to course type/cultural training)

One-to-One and Small Closed Groups can be taken as an Intensive Course for a number of hours a day, over a weekend, or 1 week, or as a Part Time Course , perhaps one 2-hour lesson once a week. These classes are specifically created with each trainee in mind and can be adjusted to suit the individual’s abilities, business requirements or time constraints.

Special Chinese Mandarin Language Courses

4. One-to-One Telephone Chinese Mandarin Lessons
For clients who can only be reached by telephone, a one-to-one telephone language course is a perfect solution for all your language training needs. 30 minute classes can be prearranged, from 1 to 7 days a week. If you are continually on the move, based in a remote location or have vital time constraints, our telephone classes could be the answer you are looking for. 

5. One-to-One or Small Group Last Minute Chinese Mandarin Course
Professionals must often travel abroad at short notice. Our one/two day intensive classes are designed with the business executive in mind. Often held on weekends, these refresher courses are a great way to teach the basics of the language or revitalize the client’s language skills, before a last minute business trip.

7. Chinese Mandarin Courses Overseas
For clients who want total immersion in both the language and culture, our in-country classes are an excellent choice. Learners attend one of our selected language schools in the country where the language is spoken. All Cactus schools are recognized centres of language training excellence. Clients will also have the option of staying with a local family, where they will attend meals, converse with the family and learn the broader aspects of the culture. This is a fantastic support to your school lessons. Individual requests for personal specifications, locations and private bathrooms can all be accommodated if sufficient notice is given. 

8. Examination Chinese Mandarin Classes
Cactus can provide examination classes, for clients who require a language certification to enhance their CV for professional purposes. Course tuition will centre on relevant language content, plenty of practice, and improving specific exam techniques. However, clients should be sure to thoroughly research the application procedure, syllabus and exam board, before submitting an application. 

9. Blended Learning & Customised Chinese Mandarin Course

Language learning is now a stimulating, challenging and enriching experience. Learning no longer has to be restricted to the classroom. Using alternative modes of delivery, clients can take a Blended Learning course: lessons can be taken face-to-face, virtually, over the phone, - even on an iPod. Tuition can be supported by online self-study and Cultural Training. Learning can take place in the train, your office, at home, in classrooms, or in the country where it’s spoken.

Cactus courses are truly tailor-made and customisable. We will listen to you, create learning solutions, and adapt and modify them where and when appropriate. A Blended Learning Course will be designed to suit your learning preferences, schedule and interests.

Where do our Chinese Mandarin Courses take place?

Bath, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Derby, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hove, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Peterborough, Plymouth, Portsmouth, St Albans, Salford, Salisbury, Sheffield, Southampton, Stoke-on-Trent, Wolverhampton, Worcester and York.

What other language courses do we offer?

Arabic, Catalan, Chinese Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese Brazilian, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian, Turkish and Ukrainian.

How it Works - 3 Stages

Step 1 - At Cactus, we tailor our business and personal classes (one-to-one or group) to the individual requirements of clients based on our Needs Analysis . This will include questions on time availability, personal goals, current and intended proficiency in different language skills and situations. Course content can be changed at any time, either before or during the course, at a consequence of the client’s progress and/or changing needs. This can involve the company Training Manager or an individual Line Manager where appropriate.

Step 2 - A language assessment is conducted for all participants except Beginners.

Step 3 - Language Training begins in-company, at the client’s home, or in seminar rooms provided by Cactus, in groups or one-to-one. Regular assessment takes place and progress is reviewed by the Company Training Manager or Line Manager and the Cactus Teacher & Academic Team. Lesson reports are continuously updated online , with a continuous record of attendance. All clients can access the online reporting system to track lessons, attendance and progress.

Contact us with your needs and we will give you our expert proposal with the best course arrangements for you.


  1. Chinese Mandarin Course in Birmingham
  2. Chinese Mandarin Course in Brighton
  3. Chinese Mandarin Course in Bristol
  4. Chinese Mandarin Course in Cambridge
  5. Chinese Mandarin Course in Dublin
  6. Chinese Mandarin Course in Edinburgh
  7. Chinese Mandarin Course in Glasgow
  8. Chinese Mandarin Course in Hove
  9. Chinese Mandarin Course in Leeds
  10. Chinese Mandarin Course in Liverpool
  11. Chinese Mandarin Course in London
  12. Chinese Mandarin Course in Manchester
  13. Chinese Mandarin Course in Newcastle
  14. Chinese Mandarin Course in Nottingham
  15. Chinese Mandarin Course in Oxford
  16. Chinese Mandarin Course in Portsmouth
  17. Chinese Mandarin Course in Sheffield
  18. Chinese Mandarin Course in Southampton
  19. Chinese Mandarin Course in York


  1. Chinese Mandarin Course in Barcelona
  2. Chinese Mandarin Course in Beijing
  3. Chinese Mandarin Course in Berlin
  4. Chinese Mandarin Course in Boston
  5. Chinese Mandarin Course in Buenos Aires
  6. Chinese Mandarin Course in Cologne
  7. Chinese Mandarin Course in Hong Kong
  8. Chinese Mandarin Course in Lisbon
  9. Chinese Mandarin Course in Madrid
  10. Chinese Mandarin Course in Mexico City
  11. Chinese Mandarin Course in Montreal
  12. Chinese Mandarin Course in Moscow
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  14. Chinese Mandarin Course in Shanghai
  15. Chinese Mandarin Course in Tokyo
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