Learning Partner for Jaguar Land Rover Employees

Exclusive Language Training Offer for Jaguar Land Rover Employees

jaguar land rover employees

As Jaguar Land Rover retains its position as Britain’s number one automotive manufacturer, the company has continued to go from strength to strength.

To celebrate this success and as part of its “employee learning scheme” Jaguar Land Rover has selected Cactus Language Training as its learning partner for language training, and with this in mind we have created an exclusive offer for all Jaguar Land Rover employees who wish to improve their language skills.

It has been well documented that developing language skills for the work place benefits both the employee and the employer, so why not check our top languages for doing business in Europe and see how you can add value both to you skill set and your role.

Jaguar Land Rover exports to more than 136 markets with 80% of all UK production ending up abroad; China is the biggest market with their love of the Range Rover Evoque, followed by mainland Europe, the UK and North America. With international markets playing such a huge role in JLR’s success the importance of language training and language learning can not be underestimated. So whether you are beginner level or advanced level, from German and French to Mandarin and Japanese, why not take advantage of this offer to support and accelerate your career?

For a detailed quote and free language training consultation please contact us or call us on +44 (0) 1273 830 960.

Learning Partner

As one of the UK’s leaders in business language training provision, blended learning and specialist language courses, and as Jaguar Land Rover’s learning partner, Cactus is offering preferential rates to JLR employees. Any JLR contribution as part of the “employee learning scheme” can be offset against the total cost of the language training course. All courses are tailored to the specific needs of the individual client.

Key Language Delivery Format Rate
German, French, Spanish, Italian One to One Via Skype £35/hr
One to One Face to Face £38/hr
Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese One to One Via Skype £38/hr
One to One Face to Face £43/hr

*rates exclude VAT and are for course delivery in the UK
*other languages available, please enquire
*Face-to-face rates may be subject to teacher travel costs depending on location
*a minimum booking of 10 hours applies

Cactus Language also offers a 20% discount for all Jaguar Land Rover employees with code JLR20 on our evening language courses across the UK.

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Choose from over 20 languages

> English > Czech > German > Japanese > Russian
> Arabic > Danish > Greek > Korean > Spanish
> Catalan > Dutch > Hebrew > Norwegian > Swedish
> Chinese > Finnish > Hindi > Polish > Thai
> Croatian > French > Italian > Portuguese > Turkish