German Case Study: Language Training for Siemens


German Case Study: Cactus provides corporate language training for Siemens, the multinational German engineering company.

With headquarters in Berlin and Munich, employing over 360,000 people across the world, Siemens is a world leader in engineering and technology.  Many of the Siemens employees need to be bilingual, if not multilingual, in order for the company to stay competitive and ahead in the market.  Cactus provides German language training for Siemens and here we speak to one employee who has been learning German with us through a combination of one-to-one lessons and group evening courses.

What are the benefits of taking one-to-one class and group classes together?

“The one-to-one lessons are good because they are focused entirely on you and you have the chance to answer the tutor specific questions. But I like the group lessons because it is a good social environment in which to discuss different topics and have plenty of conversation practice.”

“The group classes are a good size, averaging 6-8 students. The teacher provides additional materials, which gives us a variety of tasks and activities to make the lessons interesting. Each week we are set some tasks for homework which motivates students and helps to prepare for the following lessons.”

What does learning a language mean in the world today?

“The language lessons are great motivation to do some self-study, even if I’m not always in Germany and able to practise the language. I definitely feel more confident speaking German, and although two hours a week is not much for the group lesssons, it is an ideal opportunity to stay in touch with the language.

Living in London, it can be difficult to find the time to combine work with other activities, but the evening courses fit in easily. It’s important for me to learn with native speaking teachers, and Cactus always employs native speakers.

In my opinion, most industries are now international, people are more international in their outlook and approach to life, and in order to succeed in this context people need to learn languages. You cannot under estimate the value of speaking a second or third language, both for the career development and opportunities it brings, and the personal satisfaction you gain.”

Thank you to Siemens for providing this case study about German language training with Siemens.


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