English Lessons Leeds

English Lessons Leeds

Being one the most dynamic cities in Northern England, Leeds has seen an increase in the number of non-native English speakers living and working in the city. Today, Leeds is the fourth city in the in terms of foreign languages spoken. This, combined with the on-going demand for bilingual and trilingual employees, has resulted in a significant upsurge in English language training in Leeds over the past few years. By training their multilingual yet non-native English-speaking workforce, Leeds businesses can harness their full potential. Evidence also shows that improving the language skills of staff members has a direct impact on the growth and success of the companies they work for. Improving their English language skills is also key to career progression for non-native English speakers. With many international companies based in Leeds and the excellent links the city has with overseas destinations, the need for English language training is set to increase.

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Cactus Language Training provides English language courses for all contexts. This includes one-to-one tuition, small group courses and larger group English language courses. Please click for more information on the English course format options to find out which format suits your needs. The types of courses that we offer range from general language, business language, and executive language, to technical language and exam preparation. Please click for more information on the English course type options.

Cactus delivers English training throughout Leeds and the surrounding area which includes but is not limited to Bradford, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, and Wakefield.

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Group UK Evening Courses

Cactus offers open group evening language courses in 19 languages and 15 locations across the UK, including Leeds. These courses offer companies and individuals on-going weekly tuition, for all levels, at a great price.

Immersion Courses

An excellent way to improve your language skills in a short period of time is to take a language immersion course in the country that the language is spoken. Cactus offers full-time language immersion courses in English speaking countries all over the world.