Business Language

What is Language Training for Specific Purposes?

What is Language Training for Specific Purposes? And why you may need it. Communicating in a second or third language in the work place is routine for millions of people across the world. Whether your role involves instructing, negotiating, informing, serving or clarifying, the necessity to do this in another language is now common place… Read more

Language Training Trends for 2016

Language Training Trends for 2016 1. Languages for business A large majority of businesses across the globe continue to recognise the need for language skills when positioning themselves in international markets and in a recent survey 79% of businesses said they think language skills are critical for business success. In 2016 the key areas include… Read more

Sound-bite Savvy or Back-Office Banter?

What level of Business Language do you need? Different business contexts require different levels of language proficiency. Sometimes it is difficult to know what level you are aiming for in order to be able to communicate in a particular context or situation. In order to make learning goals more understandable we have taken some typical… Read more